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Learning Webinars

MLY 2.0 Release Q&A Webinar

calendarWednesday, July 17th 2024, 08:00 AM - 09:00 AM Eastern Timezon

Join this release webinar to learn about the new features and functionalities in MLY 2.0. This release provides enhanced widgets functionality, including new Recommendations and Alerts widgets, options to view the most representative comments in widgets, and the ability to breakdown widgets in a top/bottom analysis using two key insights from a dataset, facilitating deeper dives into your qualitative data. We will also share how MLY 2.0 brings intelligent filtering, allowing users to streamline their datasets for analysis.

If you have any MLY 2.0 related questions, please feel free to submit them on the registration form and continue asking questions and discussing this topic in this community discussion forum post.

This learning webinar is scheduled to be delivered three times for our community members in different time zones worldwide. Register in a time zone that best fits your schedule.

This learning webinar will also be delivered in French. To register for the French session, please see the separate registration form below.

Date: Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Time: Three sessions are scheduled for community members in different time zones worldwide. Select a session that best fits your schedule.

  • July 16, 9pm Eastern time zone, mainly for customers in the APAC regions
  • July 17, 8am Eastern time zone, mainly for customers in the Europe/Africa/Middle East regions
  • July 17, 2pm Eastern time zone, mainly for customers in Americas regions

Presented by: Erika Cost, Explorance