Show the Value of Learning by Running L&D Like a Business

June 1st, 2020|Categories: Community-Led, Webinars|

Like many organizations, Siemens is undergoing change with a major reorganization of business units, missions and cultures. L&D’s Learning Campus plays a central role in maintaining the skills and abilities among employees; it also helps the business identify and deploy new training adapt to new business needs. Restructuring is also affecting L&D which is moving away from a centralized approach to a decentralized P&L-driving model. In this session Amy will talk about measuring, monitoring and managing the operations of learning so that L&D truly owns learning—all aspects [...]

How a Negative ROI Engaged Business Leaders

April 17th, 2020|Categories: Community-Led, Webinars|

Abbott Laboratories invested heavily in developing and deploying a coaching program for leaders in the Diagnostics business unit. To determine the impact of the program, Kaycee Buckley and her team deployed MTM surveys to gather feedback. The results provided a “magnifying glass into the program, but unfortunately, the results did not meet expectations.” Kaycee dug deeper, eventually gathering data with customized surveys and by conducting a complete ROI study. Survey results provided deeper insights, and the ROI results were surprisingly negative. Come hear how Kaycee shared the [...]

Using Engagement Data to Enhance the Employee Journey

February 11th, 2020|Categories: Community-Led, Webinars|

You have launched an employee engagement survey, but are not experiencing the full return on value – why? Data is touted as the silver bullet for any organizational woe but actualizing that data for real insights and decisive action remains a challenge for most businesses. Employee engagement data transforms into insights for organizational leadership when supported by an intentional survey program. This session will help you re-examine and reconceptualize your engagement survey to drive truly actionable insights. With a consultative approach focused on culture, process, and of [...]